1. TVNZ (Te Reo Tātaki) is New Zealand’s state-owned, commercially funded broadcaster. Our purpose is to inspire the conversations of Aotearoa and enrich the lives of New Zealanders. We do this by providing Kiwis with breaking news, live sport and compelling entertainment.

2. TVNZ engages with New Zealanders across the motu, and viewers play an important role in informing the advertising and content decisions we make. We want you to feel safe when you visit our channels and platforms. Our Privacy Policy (“Policy”) tells you when and how we collect your information, what information we collect, what we do with it and how we might share it. 

3. Whenever we collect and use your information, we comply with all applicable laws in New Zealand, including the New Zealand Privacy Act 2020. 

4. Thank you for taking the time to read our Policy.  

About this Policy

5. This Policy applies to any personal information we collect or receive when we provide our services or when you interact with us. When we say "your information" in this Policy, we mean your personal information or personal data, which means any information about you.

6. When we say "us" or "we", we mean TVNZ. This Policy applies to all the services we offer, including TVNZ+, 1 NEWS, Re: and The Green Room.

7. If you don't agree to this Policy, please stop using our sites, apps and services. You can also de-register if you'd like to stop hearing from us – we explain how to do that at paragraph 29 below.

8. Some of our services may have their own privacy policies, which will be relevant to you when you are using those services and they will take priority.

9. We may need to change or update this Policy to reflect the law or changes to our practices. If we do, we'll communicate the changes in a way we think is appropriate. Any changes will apply from the day we communicate them. 

Who does the Policy apply to?

10. This Policy applies to:

(a) Anyone who uses our services. This includes anyone who:

(i) registers an account with us;

(ii) visits the TVNZ+, 1 NEWS or Re: websites or apps, or any other TVNZ websites or apps;

(iii) engages with our social media pages; or

(iv) uses the Green Room services.

(b) Anyone who enters one of our competitions (excluding Blacksand competitions).

(c) Anyone who interacts with us, e.g. if you're making a complaint or asking a question.

(d) Anyone who applies to be part of a programme via an application form on a TVNZ service.

11. If you let anyone use your account on TVNZ+ or any of our other services, e.g. your family members with their own separate profiles, please make sure they have read this Policy, as we may collect their information too.

12. If you give us information about anyone else, it's important they have agreed to you giving us their information and that they are aware of this Policy. If they haven't agreed, then please don't provide that information to us. 

What information do we collect?

13. Depending on which of our services you use, we may collect:

(a) Contact details so we can recognise you, register and protect your account and so we can get in touch with you. These may include your name, email address, gender identity, year of birth and password.

(b) Details about any profiles you create on your account, including any kids profiles.

(c) Details about how you use our services or how anyone using your account uses our services.  This includes what and when you watch, what content you view and what you add to your watchlists. This helps give us a better idea of what shows to tell you about, what content and ads to show you and to improve our services and your experience on our services.

(d) Your device ID, IP address, location, device type and the version of our app you're using.

(e) Information about the quality of the service you are receiving.

(f) Copies of any communications you send us or call recordings if you call us.

(g) Information you provide when you sign up to a competition.

(h) Financial details (which may also include your address) you provide if you pay for our products or services.

14. If you may be appearing in one of our shows, except our news and current affairs shows (which fall under separate newsgathering practices), we will normally get you to sign a form and tell you how your information may be used. If you apply to be part of one of our programmes via an application form, or if you apply to be a contestant on a reality show, we will collect information from you (or anyone you authorise) to help us consider your application.

15. So we can improve the accuracy of information we hold about you (e.g. for your customer profile) or to make sure the services and ads we provide are relevant, we sometimes collect information about you from:

(a) our advertising partners, our commercial partners or from third parties that specialise in helping our advertising partners find the right people to show their ads to; and

(b) any other third parties where we believe you have consented or we can do so under the Privacy Act.

Cookies and Other Tracking Technologies

16. If you use one of our sites, we use cookies and other tracking technologies to collect viewing and usage information. This helps us undertake analytics and reporting to understand what is popular with our services and how we can improve them. Cookies and other tracking technologies help us know when you visit our sites, where you are, what you look at and how you got there (like if you clicked through from an email we've sent or an online ad).

17. We also use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your experience on our sites, including keeping you signed in, showing you content that is relevant to you and working with our commercial partners to deliver you relevant advertising. 

How do we use your information?

18. We use your information in different ways depending on how you engage with us. We want to make sure we make your experience as relevant to you as possible, so we use all the information we collect about you whenever you use any of our services and we combine it to create a profile about you. This means we might match the information we have about you from when you use TVNZ+ and 1 NEWS or when we collect other information about you e.g. from our advertising partners when you have agreed to this and when we are able to do so under the Privacy Act. This allows us to better understand your preferences, to personalise your experiences when you use any of our services and to make sure you see more relevant content and ads. 

19. If we do any matching with information provided by another party and we need to use a specialist third party provider, we won't share the results of that matching process with any other party, unless your information has been aggregated and anonymised.  

20. When you register for or sign up to any of our services, we may assign you a unique ID number. This gives you a better experience because it means we can still recognise you if you sign in using the same account on a new device or through a different app such as the TVNZ+ app.

21. We also use your information in the following ways:

(a) To send you advertising, including online, via social media, mail, email or text message.

(b) To improve your experience on our services or to provide you with ads that are more relevant to you:

(i) We try to make sure you only see ads that will be relevant or of interest to you. This could be ads for our shows or ads from our advertisers. 

(ii) We sometimes use your information in an ad that is shown to you, or users, of your TVNZ+ account. For example, you might see an ad addressing you by first name or offering goods or services near your general location.  Where we use a third party to insert your information into an ad, we do not share your name or information with any advertiser or give an advertiser permission to use your information (except for aggregated and/or anonymised information) unless you've given us permission to do that. If you’d like to opt-out of receiving ads which use your first name, you can request this through our Contact Us form.

(iii) We may display ads for our shows we think you'll be interested in when you are using Facebook and Instagram through a tool offered by Facebook called Custom Audiences.  You can check and change your Facebook ad settings here:

(iv) We may also display ads for our shows we think you’ll be interested in when you are using Google apps and services like YouTube and Google Search.  We do this through Google’s Customer Match tool. You can manage your Google Ad settings here: 

To learn more about interest-based advertising, visit the Digital Advertising Alliance's Consumer Choice page at:

(c) To track our ads to see who is watching them and on what device.

(d) To make your experience of TVNZ services more personalised. This includes personalising your homepage and generating recommended content.

(e) If you get in touch with us as part of our news and current affairs services, we may use any information you give us as part of our reporting.

(f) To communicate with you. This might include responding to your questions, sending you surveys to better understand how we can improve our services or understanding what functionality you're not using and why, answering any issues you may have, and considering your application to appear on a TVNZ show.

(g) To operate our competitions.

(h) To improve our services, including testing new products.

(i) For commercial, finance and revenue reporting to optimise future ad delivery and total experiences on our platforms.

(j) To provide aggregated and anonymised reports and analysis to our advertising and commercial partners, our agencies and our content distributors. 

(k) To look at website traffic, analyse trends and generally help us build a big picture view of how our sites are working. These insights are important because they help us to make the sites better for you and our advertisers. One of the ways we collect this information is by using AGB Nielsen Media Research Digital Content software. This is a service that collects web statistics, like the number of people who visit the site, how people use it, the number of pages viewed, what content is watched, what devices are used, and how long users spend on the site consuming our content. Information collected in this way is aggregated by Nielsen and will not be used to identify you directly. 

(l) Nielsen may also randomly ask visitors to complete short site surveys. Nielsen aggregates this information with other third party services to create anonymised content ratings. These ratings are useful for us, our advertisers and our industry.

(m) Other software we use includes Google Analytics which does the same sort of thing as Nielsen and helps us to anonymously collect similar website statistics and insights about how our sites are being used. These pieces of software work by storing a cookie or token in your browser or app (if you've enabled cookies) which contains a unique identifier to track the number of unique visitors to our site. These systems don't identify you personally or store any personal information unless you have agreed directly with the provider.

(n) So our suppliers can provide services to us.

(o) So we can comply with the law or to make sure anyone using our services complies with the law, this policy or our House Rules.

22. We only keep your information for as long as we need, e.g. when we need it for personalising your experience, where we need it to improve our services or when delivering other services to you. 

When do we share your information?

23. We are very careful if we have to share your information. We never sell your information to any third parties but do sometimes have to share your information so we can provide our services and make sure they are relevant to you. We may share your information in the following ways:

(a) We provide audience lists to service providers such as Facebook, Amazon and Google so we can deliver personalised and targeted ads to you on those platforms. This helps you see ads about shows we think you will want to watch or products we think you'll like.

(b) We may provide some of your information to third party suppliers to provide services to us or on our behalf in connection with our sites and for the purposes we explain in this Policy. We'll make sure that these suppliers commit to comply with the Privacy Act, and to only use your information for the purposes in this Policy (unless we expressly get your permission for them to use it for another purpose).

(c) Our third party service providers who help us with troubleshooting, data engineering, data pipeline building, modelling and technical issues.

(d) To our advertising and commercial partners, our agencies and our content distributors, but we only ever share this information in aggregated and anonymised form to provide things like insights, so you are never identified.

(e) Where you have asked us to or given us permission.

(f) Where we are able to do so under the Privacy Act, including responding to requests from law enforcement agencies. 

How do we keep your information safe?

24. We know your information is important and we make sure we comply with the Privacy Act.

25. We take steps to keep your information secure, whether your information is stored in New Zealand or with trusted service providers based overseas. 

26. When we store or share your information with anyone, we make sure we take steps to protect your information.

27. Our sites and apps may contain links to and from websites that aren't controlled by us. If you follow a link to any other website, they have their own rules around privacy – we suggest you check these. We don't accept any responsibility or liability for anyone else's policies or for any transactions that you enter into with them. 

Your privacy: what choices and rights do you have? 

What if you want to take a break?

28. We send push notifications to anyone using our services on mobile devices. Permissions for push notifications are managed by you via your mobile device settings.  We also send you promotional material via email, this is managed by you in your TVNZ+ account.

29. You can de-register from TVNZ+ through our Contact Us form. If you de-register, we'll delete your name and email address from our database within 30 days and we'll delete any other information we hold about you, unless we need to keep it.   

What if you want to access your information?

30. Under the Privacy Act, you will typically have the right to request to see the information we have about you. You can also ask us to correct your personal information that's inaccurate, out-of-date, incomplete or irrelevant.

31. If you'd like access to your information, please request this through our Contact Us form.

32. More information on your rights is also available at the Office of the Privacy Commissioner's website at

How can you get in touch with us?

33. If you have any questions or want to make a complaint, you can contact us through our Contact Us form.